The Hidden One


Two-Legs have long forgotten stealth.

Probably because much of the modern world thinks of itself as king-of-the-hill, top-dog, ultimate-alpha, dominant-species, …

Such arrogance, such ignorance, baffles me.

For that matter, much of the modern world baffles me.

We listen to self-proclaimed gurus and wisdom-keepers and relinquish all aspects of our selves.

What made us so gullible, so willing to accept hype without question, to march to the beat of a recognizably self-destructive drum?

Did it start when we as a collective no longer required the need for sstealth?

True stealth requires so much effort. It’s situational awareness to the max, it’s training without end, it’s confidence without being confident.

All things which necessitate a sensitivity to one’s environment, one’s place, one’s personal energy and existence.

No wonder we, as a collective, suck at it.