Cautious Dining

A new guest arrived at Chez Carrabis a while back, an at-the-time unnamed skunk.

We’ve had skunk before.

And truth be told, they are a fun lot.

Some say skunk are quick-tempered.

Not so those who dine with us.

Although we, like Raccoon, start cautiously.

No need to be foolhardy.

Mostly our visiting skunk stay to themselves. The juveniles – one being the Larry mentioned in the video – are more willing to hobnob. The elders – Ferdinand, as also mentioned in the video, being one – are quite pleasant once they get to know you.

If nothing else, they’d rather trundle off than give offense.

Oh, how I wish Two-Legs were the same.



Hecate et al Dine

Our beloved Hecate returned from last Winter’s nap complete ready and raring to go.

We think of her as the Queen of Raccoons.

Or so she tells us.

As noted previously, we’ve known this Hecate for several years now. She remains feisty and vital.

And I know this year if not next will be the last we see her.

I wonder if there is a Raccoon Graveyard deep in The Wild, a place they go for their final rest.

It both saddens and gladdens me so. We’ve known so many raccoons in our time.

People ask if we’d ever move. “Who’ll take care of the WildLife?” I ask.

Who indeed.

In the meantime, enjoy.


The Old Ones Return

From early Feb 2022, The Old Ones return, and like most of us waking from a long slumber, they’re unsure. Shy, really.

It’s obvious they recognize me and know I’m not a threat.

Perhaps their concern is that they haven’t had a chance to put their makeup on, or do their hair.

You know, that “Come back after I’ve had my coffee” look? You’re still in your PJs, still have sleep in your eyes, don’t yet want to talk, might be coherent enough to listen to NPR but can’t actually find the radio yet although you might be clutching your mobile because you never really let go of it during the night.

Kind of makes you wish you were in The Wild, doesn’t it?

No need for mobiles there. Grunt or a groan’s as good as a snarl or a bark with them.


Reasonably Cautious Raccoons

I mentioned last week the joy of dining with friends.

This week we continue that theme with a note of caution.

Behold some reasonably cautious raccoons.

Reasonably cautious because in addition to Opossum, Skunk, Owls, and assorted other fine citizens, we have a family of Coyote who visit.

We don’t mind them. They’re quite beautiful and gracious creatures.

Chatty, in fact.

And they love a good gnosh.

We simply endeavor to ensure their gnosh, while they share our space, isn’t someone else coming by for a little gnosh.

(no one likes it when the kids fight at the table…)