Dissed by a Hawk

Ever encounter someone who’s just going to be persnickety no matter what?

You can be friendly, gregarious, giving, and they simply can’t be bothered.

I often wonder how to work with such people.

One of my guiding Principles is people treat you as they wish to be treated.

Often I wrap that in “You’ve got to be kidding. They want to be treated like poo?”

Some people, some times, yes.

I appreciate some people may respond uncharacteristically in the moment.

Who knows what’s going on with them when they respond so? A bad day? Bad haircut? Bad piece of beef or undercooked potato?

Such people apologize.

No problem. No harm done. Is there something I can do to help?

Others simply repeat their behavior or avoid making contact, perhaps ashamed of what they’ve done or said.

I mourn for those sailing such straights.

Their minds must be seething with things unimaginable.

And I write fiction.

I can imagine all sorts of things.