The Alibi (A John Chance Mystery) – Chapter 25

Brand new. I swear. A lot. I swear a lot.

I think this is brand new since I last populated this blog with excerpts. What was Chapter 23 is now Chapter 24 so I’m not putting that in. Hopefully this chapter is brand new…ish.

Let me know if I’m mistaken.


The Alibi – Chapter 25

Sean put a rack of clean towels in his spare room, moved out some fins and tanks, pushed two scuba suits over to the side to make room in the closet, and wheeled in an extra-thick mattressed cot complete with fluffy pillow. A quick check of his watch told him Seamus should be in the air by now.

His mobile chirped Bloody Sunday. He tapped Seamus’ winking face and heard his cousin railing before the phone got to his ear.

“Start over again, Seamus. I missed part of that.”

“My flight’s delayed. Some kind of engine trouble or other nonsense. I’m booking another flight. I’ll…Cac! There’s no flights to Boston today. How far is New York from you?”

“Add four hours minimum to your flight time. Anything for Portland, Maine?”

“I can get to Montreal. How far is that?”

“Adding customs? Not worth it. How important is this?”

Cac! Now there’s a problem with my credit card. Hold on. I’ll use my university card.”

Seamus’ image left the screen and returned a moment later. His wife hovered in the background, smiled, and signed HELLO // to Sean. He signed back YO //.

Seamus grimaced. “Fuck! There’s a hold on all my cards.”

His wife handed him her card. “Ah. Okay. Now we’re…Íosa Críost! It’s not my cards, it’s me! I’m not allowed international travel! What the fuck? I’m known internationally in half a dozen fields! I hold professorships in universities all over the world! I – ”

Sean interrupted him. “Seamus, has this ever happened before?”

“Never! Countries are thrilled to have me lecture and study. I – ”

“It’s happened to me before.”


“Sometimes I’m doing sensitive work. Sometimes I – ”

“You mean Alphabet City work?”

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