Write a Synopsis of One of Joseph’s Stories, Win a Book!

Readers are leaving wonderful reviews of my books on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, and elsewhere, and we’re thankful for all.

A Unique Book from a Great Writer – Joseph is an amazing seer of the world about him and great teller of tales…


Engaging, vivid, unexpected, and amazing. – Engaging stories, vivid imagery and enjoyably unexpected narratives, Best of all, these amazing tales are wrapped up in a healthy dose of enlightenment (if you’re paying attention),…


A sense of déjà vu yet you don’t know why. – These stories bring you to another place and then become a part of you.


Joseph is able to hold up a mirror to other people’s experiences through his writing, letting them find themselves within the pages of his book. His short stories may be works of fiction, but they are nothing short of deeply human.


For fans of the band Tool and the writing of Joseph Campbell, Gene Wolfe, and Ursula K. LeGuin – For those who want to be inspired, for those who are on the path, and for those who just enjoy entertaining, well-written stories. Reach For Your Dreams Openly and Innocently! Very highly recommended.

Some may know that we’re publishing the Tales individually as Kindle books (many titles are on the right or below, depending on your device).
We’re looking for people who’ve read one or more of Joseph’s stories and would like a copy of one of his full length books to write a synopsis of one or more of his stories to post on Amazon. Joseph Della Rosa read The Goatmen of Aguirra and wrote this amazing, moving synopsis:

Leaving behind his estranged wife and son, Gordon Banks – a Xenopologist – sets out with an advance team on a mission to explore the distant planet Aguirra. There, the team discovers the Goatmen: wise aboriginals with a rich telekinetic history preserved through entheogenic ritual. Nicknamed “Journeyer” by the Goatmen, Gordon Banks is invited to their village to live amongst them and participate in their customs. He soon realizes that the Goatmen are not the only intelligent life form on Aguirra and – in the process – embarks on a path of self-discovery. Set against the backdrop of interstellar colonialism, The Goatmen of Aguirra proposes that one’s destiny can be achieved on a path taken to avoid it.

Cadence Bambenek wrote two synopsis, one for Mani He

Nearing the peak of his career, a man starts seeing things. After his own big promotion displaces his colleague, he attempts to quiet his guilt by holding onto his personal profit and gain. But it’s not enough. His visions intensify until he is transported to another world where he is forced to question the values of his current way of life. Through the guidance of nature and several of its inhabitants, the man learns that some of the worst animals can take on human forms and that a position of power is simply that, a position of power. It is up to the individual to determine its ultimate allocation.

and this one for Those Wings Which Tire, They Have Upheld Me:

After developing limited vision, a young boy is forced to wear a strange contraption on his head to replace his eyes. At school, all of the other children make fun of him but for one other boy. Together, the two become fast friends, learning in tandem from a mysterious Angel who appears only to the boy with no eyes. Angel serves as their mentor, offering a space for the children to learn and grow in a way neither home nor school could provide. But soon, the Angel begins to fade and the children are forced to cope with, yet honor, an irreplaceable loss.