The Alibi (A John Chance Mystery) – Chapter 8

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The Alibi – Chapter 8

Sean Davitty practiced his free dives at least twice a week wherever he was and daily when on break. He spent a year with the Bajau learning their techniques. He didn’t have their genetic disposition, but he came close – his best dive was ten minutes at two-hundred feet. His teammates shook their heads at him. “You’ve already got all the certifications you need, Sean. You working at being a whale?”

Davitty’s brogue came out clean and crisp. “No, I’ll settle for seal.”

Part of the fun was surfacing where no one expected it. The looks on people’s faces made him laugh.

Today nobody laughed.

Today he parked at the south end of the closed USS Boston memorial, pulled a backpack out of the passenger’s seat, lifted a camera out that, and walked around taking pictures. He hopped the gate and took more pictures until he stood at the water side of memorial. Reaching into his pack agian, he pulled out a blanket, sandwich, thermos, an old and dogeared paperback of The Best of H.P. Lovecraft: Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre, and sat down in the shadow of one of the big guns.

He chewed and read. Once or twice his sipped from his thermos.

He finished the story undistured. No one came by; no sightseers, no lovers, no WWII enthusiasts.

Sure no one watched, Davitty donned his diving suit sans tank, fitted his flippers, donned his mask, and plunged into the water and swam to the bottom. From there the test was to Langone Park. It would be empty today and provided a convenient landmark.

Waterfront construction dominated the waterfront a few hundred feet west. Apartments and condos, none occupied. There might be some people walking dogs, cycling, sightseeing. He’d be careful. Surface just enough to recharge his lungs then down and back.

Coming up along the ocean wall he found a tunnel. Okay, maybe not a tunnel, but definitely something large enough to swim through. Algae lined its walls and gave off phosphorescent light.




Check his watch. If he hadn’t surfaced by half his limit, turn around, get back.

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