More ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

Just under three years ago I posted Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes. I had both Patreon and this blog at the time, Patreon’s interface got more challenging than it was worth, and over time I moved everything here and closed down my Patreon account completely.

Most people supporting me on Patreon followed me over (thanks!). Some didn’t, explained their reasoning, I honored it, and so it goes.

Recently…oh, pretty much this year…more and more people contact me about how useful my blog is to them, what a resource it is to them, how informative it is to them, and I’m thrilled because I enjoy helping people.

And at a certain point, some people – not all people, only some – take advantage.

It’s one thing when people take advantage and know they’re doing so. Such people are abusive and are generally hollow, with little real depth. Avoid them. They’ll suck you dry, spit out what’s left, and move on to their next victim.

It’s a completely different thing when people don’t know they’re taking advantage of a situation. Let them know, point out what they’re doing, they’ll make amends.

And if they don’t? For whatever reason they don’t? See two paragraphs above re “It’s one thing…”

If you’re good at something, never do it for free. – The Joker

Susan and I ran a successful business for years. We ran it according to some Principles we learned during our walk upon the planet, through the cosmos, and elsewhere.

Allow me to share two which pertain to this:

  • #65: A worker is worthy of their wages.
    Recognize that nothing is free. That’s first. Somebody is paying some where at some time any time some thing is done. Directly paying the worker for work done demonstrates you value them and their work, that you recognize them as equals in a fair-exchange, and (perhaps most importantly) that you respect yourself enough to know your own value is not in question. That last one throw you? Then go elsewhere. The only time people want something for free is when they’re not sure of the value of their own efforts because the price people are willing to pay is a measure of the value they place on their request. Want something for free? Then it has little value to you. Willing to pay? Then it’s important to you. It’s as simple as that.
    The other side of this is that the worker can ask for wages in other than coin of the realm (and barter doesn’t count. Barter is mutually agreed to coin of the realm). Recognize that the only commerce besides coin of the realm is with a piece of yourself — your time, your strength, your thoughts, your word, your knowledge, your wisdom, your friendship, your oath. Be careful with these. Coin is far cheaper than heart.
  • #71: An individual can only receive a certain benefit if others are willing to take on a certain burden.
    Remember, the Universe works in balance. From Principles 1,4,6,9,20, …, remember that what you take you owe. Think you don’t owe often enough, think this doesn’t apply to you often enough, and you’ll find yourself on the long end of burden. Not a happy place.

What’s Changing
Most of the Marketing and StoryCrafting posts now require either free or paid membership. I’ve modified the Critiques charge structure so that membership at any paying level gets 50% off the cost of critiques.

Everything everything everything in life has a pricetag on it. You have to decide if you’re willing to pay the price.

Have a challenge with the For-Pay model? Let me know what it is
I’ll give you a Muse subscription account for free. I’ve done it for several people. But be prepared to offer serious comments on my posts and join in the discussion, be one of my first readers, leave reviews on my books on Amazon or Goodreads, or offer something in exchange.