The Alibi (A John Chance Mystery) – Chapter 6 (Brand new!)

Yeah. Well.

The Alibi continues to grow and get restructured.


Quite a bit got added and edited in June. The throughlines are pretty well established, individual character plotlines are merging. Characters are changing and growing, allegiances are shifting.

The Alibi‘s Boston is a fun place to be.

This chapter is one of the ones added while you were busy doing other things. Everything from this point on got shifted. At least once. Often more than once.

It’s interesting playing god. Ever seen Kevin Bacon’s The Big Picture. It’s worth a watch.

For that matter, I’m not sure if The Alibi had five sections the last time we chatted…

The Alibi – Chapter 6

Virginia Lister hated fucking Briggs Lane. She cherished the days he had lunch appointments because it meant he wouldn’t call her on the intercom with that sickening, slightly husky voice and ask her to come in and review something with him.

She kept his calendar so she knew the days well in advance. Sometimes something came up, sure, but he was usually meticulous in his scheduling. Rarely did anything happen without notice.

She called him her BACMan: blowjob, anal, cunt. Three times in three different orifices and all in less than an hour.

She knew where he kept his Viagra.

She kept making plans and backing down.

Lane recruited her on one of his “scouting” missions. He kept a series of low-to-mid level plants in all the tech companies within an arc stretching from Providence to Amherst to Brattleboro to the Upper Valley to Portland.

And because he was Old School, he kept a squad of stringers employed out to NYC, Troy, Carnegie, and Chicago; south to Reston, Roanoke, and Duke; and north to Montreal, QC, and Dalhousie.

If it happened, and it was valuable or had potential value, Briggs Lane knew about it.

Ginni started as one of his plants at a mid-level biotech. She demonstrated other assets he found worthwhile and the deal was done.

He didn’t travel far to find her. Emerson’s Theater District campus made for easy pickings and her studies in the Visual & Media Arts, Performance Production Center, Advanced Projects Lab, and Communication & Marketing Labs made her a valued addition to any company’s digital marketing initiatives. He visited saying he was scouting schools for his daughter.

Ginni knew Penny. She’d never get into Emerson.

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