Reginald Rules

We use to own our backyard. Had the paperwork, the deed, made the payments, everything.

The Reginald came along.

Reginald, as far as rabbits go, stands his ground. Or grass.

He’s not pushy, not threatening, not intimidating.

Just there.

Usually when we need him not to be.

Raccoons don’t bother him. He merrily munches away not noticing…or not acknowledging…their interests. Or ours.

Yeah, I remember, long ago, when it was our backyard…


Reginald the Rabbit

Behold Reginald.

I mentioned last week we had at least one rabbit. This be he and he be Reginald.

Take a moment to appreciate his sleek, graceful, chewing style. No grass goes unnoticed. A connoisseur of salads, this one.

And an avid gardener.

He’s ever watchful for succulent buds, nascent flora, all are under his watchful eye.


We Got Rabbits

Sometimes we discover a new visitor to our warren.

Or perhaps we’re the visitors and it’s their warren.

Or at least one new visitor. There may be others. We’re not sure.

Consider this bright young fellow. The last rabbit to visit us was Beryl just over a year ago. Soon after Beryl, we met Beryllia and discovered we had rablets in our backyard.

I mean, their backyard.

Prolific, they.

We suppose this charmer is one of Beryl and Beryllia’s offspring.

And we’re on the watch for others.

If only to learn their names.


Beryl the Community Organizer

To dine among friends. Even the Two-Legged kind.

Ah, Beryl. First mentioned in Hecate and The Munching Wallendas (and I’ll have to show you soon how they’ve grown) and then in his own post, Beryl the Rabbit, we have more of Beryl.

I would have posted about our resident WildLife sooner and I’ve been busy with a final rewrite of The Augmented Man before sending off to the publisher (it’s due out in 25 Jul 2019).

So it goes for us two-leggers. Commitments sometimes cramp our style.

Not so The Old Ones.

Definitely not so with Beryl (sorry, still no video of Berylia. We have seen Berylina and possibly Beryt, though).

Beryl, we’ve discovered, is quite the community organizer. Whenever and wherever Beryl dines, others gather for the conversation, the gossip, the fun, the laughter (at Two-Legs expense, no doubt), and the good times in general.

At first we thought Beryl was channeling Noah. All the others seem to appear in twos.

Didn’t last long though.
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Beryl the Rabbit

What’s up, Two-Legger?

Our menagerie continues to grow.

Or their menagerie continues to grow. It depends on one’s point of view…

Anyway, meet Beryl The Rabbit (note that it is “Rabbit”, not “Bunny”. He scoffed at “Bunny”). Beryl showed up about a week ago, sitting calmly in our backyard, muching clover and other assorted greenleaf delicacies. We brought out some carrots. They were inspected then ignored.

Bugs this is not.

I believe we also have a Berylia out back. Few rabbits exist solo in the wild and it’s obvious Beryl has a warren by his (or their) comings and goings.

There’s also speculation that Beryl may be young. Years ago we had a rabbit hop through and you’d’ve sworn it was Harvey based on its size. I kept waiting for Jimmy Stewart to come through and offer me a martini (sorry, I’m a Scotch drinker).

Regarding size, the second video shows Beryl being occulted by Webster, one of our many squirrels.