We suspect Reginald and Regina have been doing the dirty.

Funny that humans – modern humans, anyway – put such boundaries on a natural, necessary activity.

If it weren’t for all life being designed to pass its essence forward, you wouldn’t be reading this, I wouldn’t be writing this, trump would never have become president, Shakespeare would never have written anything, there’d be no need for Jesus, and Buddha would never have achieved enlightenment.

Bummer, huh?

Keep on humpin’, I say! Yeah!

It is a pity (me thinks) that modern, western traditions consider sexual activity negative. At least open, public displays of sexual activity.

To a certain extent, I agree. Two (or more) people performing The Beast with Two (or more) Backs is not visually appealing (to me, anyway). Courting can be beautiful, the aftermath not so much so.

And of course, that’s also part of the western tradition showing itself.

So until we Two-Legs learn to appreciate the natural, let us sit back and enjoy Rablets.


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