What goes around comes around.

In this case, a video made in April 2022 of bunnies.

Sorry, didn’t mean to offend…


I wonder if there’s a woke community among The Wild.

Do Rabbits take offense if they’re called Bunnies?

I can understand any creature’s umbrage at being called vermin, nuisance, pest, …

I also understand the tone one says such things in plays a role.

For example, I often call our dog, Boo, “You scurvy creathure.” (spelling intentional).

I always reference him thus to his face and often when giving him a treat or petting him or brushing him.

Or drying him if we walk in the rain.

Sometimes he responds with, “You, Two-Legs. You got hands? Scratch here.” or “You, with the hands, rub me here.”

I take no offense.

There doesn’t seem to be prejudice or bigotry in The Wild, either.

There’s territory, true, but even so usually only around minimal resources – food, for example.

And in a world where the US alone produces enough grain to feed the world seven times over, should anything like that exist?