Neither Snow Nor Rain

Turkeys in Winter.

Forget that this post is being published in May. Just go with it.

Ah, turkeys in winter.

A glorious lot of them.

Making a mess in our backyard.

Turkeys, wonderful creatures that they are, have no knowledge of sanitation.

We venture forth, seed offerings in hand, they gather, …

And poop.


We say, “Hey, human walking here.”

And they respond, “Gobble, gobble,” and after a moment’s deliberation, “Gobble!”



The Flock

Turkey, according to many traditions, is a sign of abundance. Of wealth (of spirit, of person, of being. Not necessarily of pocket).

Imagine our wealth upon seeing this glorious flock parade into our yard.

And of course, one must reward wealth with wealth, which is to say, share one’s abundance (and this time, yes, it can be of pocket).

Turkeys know there is safety here. Good, that, as on the far side of our woods – indeed, tearing into it – is some construction. New multi-family housing units.

“New multi-family housing units.”

Isn’t that a wonderfully sterile way to phrase it?

Let them roost in trees as the turkeys do, I say.

At least then all would have an even chance.

So much of mankind’s recent history with The Wild has been one of domination. We are Nature’s experiment with big brains.

You’d think we’d know better.


Tom’s eyeballing me

It always happens.

You know?

There’s always got to be one who keeps his eye on you.

Making sure you’re not getting away with anything.

There’s always got to be one who spoils the fun because they make sure nothing happens.

In this case, a Tom.

And a young one, too.

Probably doing it to impress the ladies.

That’s how Toms are.


The Girls (and a Boy) Are Back

I am five months behind in posting videos. This video is from mid-November 2020. Covid raged for nine months officially, about a year unofficially.

We’ve never been social. Friendly, yes. Social, no.

Except with The Wild.

One can easily be social with The Wild. Live near it, you have no choice.

Friendly? That’s another issue.

We may like to believe Nature is friendly. People who believe such have never spent time in it. Deeply in it.

I enjoy Nature. Love it, is probably more accurate. I do what I can to protect it.

And I know Nature is the ultimate egalitarian. It favors no one. You might make a case for Nature favoring the strong but one must ask “How are we defining strength?”

Numerical superiority?

Big brains?

Big muscles?

Big teeth?

Or, in this case on this day, lots of beaks?


Thankful Turkeys Celebrate – Turkey Day of Infamy 2020 (is past)

Much like we did Safe for Another Year and celebrated in the original Thankful Turkeys Celebrate – Turkey Day of Infamy 2018, we celebrate Turkeys living past another Turkey Day of Infamy, this time last year’s 2020 (we wait until the holidays are over and we know they’re safe), and what a year it was, huh?

Talk about a year!

A complete, freakin’ ignorant moron baboon…no, that’s not fair. I’m insulting baboons and have no reason to…is out of office. I still shake my head in disbelief he got in. But then I remember that the United States has a representational government and people vote for candidates they believe most embrace their ideals and who will execute their wishes.

So four years ago US citizens wanted to build a wall separating us from Mexico? Or alienate most of the foreign nations on the planet? Or insult fellow citizens based on ethnicity? Or call dead soldiers losers? Or be repeatedly told lies? Or have the rich shown favoritism?

Sorry, what the f?ck were voters thinking?

Ah, but now, it seems, we’re on a path to recovery.

May it be a long one.

And COVID? Hey, we took care of one catastrophe at least.

I’d like to see a few more Turkey celebrations, wouldn’t you?