Turkey Prejudices

Following up on last week’s Turkeys and a Cautious Squirrel, we note a concern with our WildLife‘s social skills.

Specifically with some Turkeys.

We learn some Turkeys do not like Squirrels.

Regular readers may remember Agnes’s Chippie War Dance when an aberrant chipmunk thought to oust her from her pile of seeds.

That was a different issue, however.

Property rights (we suspect Agnes learned property rights from some of our neighbors).

Oh, if I’m to be accurate (why start now?) it’s more like resource issues and such is more in the mindsets of The Wild.

And being completely honest, would you want squirrels around if you were a Turkey?

Nasty little things, you know…the way they watch you…just waiting for you to drop a peanut or a seed or –God Forbid! – a cookie!

Okay, okay, okay. We put out food for our Squirrels, too.