Turkeys and a Cautious Squirrel

From early March 2022, the return of the Turkeys…with a vengeance.

We counted twenty-two lords and ladies when the counting was done.

They return (as they do most Springs) to see if we’ve upped our seed supplies, say hello, chat a bit, poop hither and yon (and navigating a yard of turkey poop is a challenge, I can tell you!), and catchup on all the Winter’s gossip.

Early in the season they are wary of us. Some remember and pay us no mind, some remember and come over to learn how we’ve fared since last they visited.

We, of course, offer them special seeds.

Others in the flock notice and we hear them whispering to their winged others, “What’s this? They give the good seed to their favorites?”

And the others reply, “Say nothing. Act casual. Walk up as if they’re unimportant. Get close enough and they’ll offer you some. It’s a game they play. Silly Two-Legs, you know.”

Nods all around. Yes, we are silly Two-Legs.

It’s good to know one’s place in the scheme of things, isn’t it?


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