Preparing to Strut (Full Battle Array)

Ladies, have you ever noticed how fragile the male ego is?

Maybe you want him to come up to you, say something, so you can get an idea if he’s worth a nod or two?

Sometimes you know just by looking at him he’s going to be more work than he’s worth, will take up more time than you can afford, is high maintenance when you’re cruising for a low maintenance kind of guy.

So it is in the animal world, at least in the Turkey world, as evidenced by this strapping fellow who can’t…quite…get it up.

But here’s the thing.

Even guys who can’t make a decent show of it on their own will…umm…rise to the call when they sense a challenge in the offing.

You, dear Ladies, may not be worth the effort but let another dude enter the scene and hey now, watch out, we’re gunning for bear here.

Makes you laugh, doesn’t it?

I’ve never been one to strut. Not in public, anyway. Alone, with Susan, yes, and always for a laugh.

Because I know something the young gents here don’t.

Make ’em laugh and they’ll take you home.

Genuine humor, it seems, is rare these days.