I’m not on Patreon any more. You can support my writing here, if you’d like

Thanks for clicking on whatever link brought you here and my apologies if you really wanted to go to Patreon. Please click here if to go to Patreon.

As noted in this page’s title, I’m not on Patreon any more and, if your goal was to support my writing, first, Bless you! and Thank you!. Second, supporting my writing here is easy to do. Simply Join Us, and I hope you do!

Why did I leave Patreon?
Several reasons, really. The decision came over several months. Some major reasons were:

  • Their interface and policies became increasingly challenging
  • I had this blog going and it accepts both paid and free memberships
  • Providing content to two outlets might be good marketing sense and it made no writing sense, time-wise.
  • A dedicated blog offers me content freedom.
  • I don’t have to worry about my subscribers/members’ info being used by others.

So, I’m here now, no longer on Patreon. As noted above, you can support my writing here (and more easily than on Patreon, me thinks, as we don’t store any of your information. It’s handled by your credit card company. We never see it or touch it. Nice, huh?)
Are you interested in supporting my writing?
Bless you, thank you, and you are wise indeed. Supporting my writing is easy; simply Join Us, and please do!

Again, thanks.