That Think You Do Trainings

Reading That Think You Do and wondering how you can learn all those things Joseph writes about?

Turns out it’s easy.

First, do it the way Joseph did it: Spend fifty-plus years traveling to study different fields with an amazing number of talented people from around the world.

Or B, take a class with Joseph and some NextStageologists.

Online trainings have 10 participants maximum, last an hour (often run to two, be prepared), are done via Zoom on Tuesday mornings and evenings (east coast US timezone applies), and cost 100$US/person. In-person, group trainings require 25-50 participants, run Friday night to Sunday afternoon, are done at a hotel or resort which has group training facilities and is centrally located to all participants, and costs 5,000$US/participant (participants pay for their own travel and lodging. Meals are provided).


Good! Fill in the form below to get started. Note that a 20$US non-refundable fee is required for online trainings, and a 200$US non-refundable fee for in-person group trainings.

Not interested?

Thanks for your time and have a good day.