That Th!nk You Do Trainings

Put down your guard, stop thinking you know what you’re doing, keep quiet, watch, learn, listen. Carrabis gave us 500 things if he gave us five and each one paid off a million fold. – St. John, NB

Reading That Think You Do and wondering how to apply all those things I write about?

There two basic paths you can follow:

  1. Do it the way I did it (and the method I suggest): Spend fifty-plus years traveling to study different fields with an amazing number of talented people from around the world.
  2. Study with me (and here the path diverges again):
    1. Read everything I’ve written (and be sure to leave good reviews on all the social media and book sites (thankee)).
    2. Take a class with me and some NextStageologists (more divergence, and remember: choice is better than no choice):
      1. Online individual training – 1-2 hours, are done via Zoom on a mutually agreed date and time, and cost 2,500$US/person.
      2. Online group training – 10 participants maximum, lasts an hour (often runs to two, be prepared), are done via Zoom on Tuesday mornings and evenings (east coast US timezone applies), and cost 250$US/person.
      3. In person individual training – Friday night to Sunday afternoon at a mutually agreed to location. $25,000US (doesn’t include travel, lodging, meals, et cetera). 250$US non-refundable deposit required.
      4. In person group training – 20-30 participants, run Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Location selected by group majority vote. $10,000US/person (doesn’t include travel, lodging, meals, et cetera). 100$US non-refundable deposit required. Contact us for details.

There is no set class syllabus. Each training – individual or group, online or in person – is based on participant dynamic and need.

What are Carrabis’ methods? I can’t tell you, because the methods used in the classes I attended probably won’t be the ones he uses in yours. Carrabis suits the method to his current purpose, as far as I can tell, and you never know exactly what’s going to happen until it already has, (believe me, I saw it time after time) you end all of a sudden with a clear understanding of something you didn’t even know existed before you started. And it turns out to be something that’s important to you! Amazing. – Columbia, SC


Good! Fill in the form below to get started. Note that a non-refundable 10% fee is required for all trainings except option 4 – In person group training.

Not interested?

Thanks for your time and have a good day.