Change (which is constant) and Managing the Work-Life Balance now on BizCatalyst360

It’s nice to be respected by one’s peers.

Which is an interesting formulaic.

Are “they” your peers if they don’t respect you?

One wonders what they and you are known for…

In any case, Dennis Pitocco and BizCatalyst360 published Change (which is constant) and Managing the Work-Life Balance, one of the chapters in my soon-to-be-released The Think You Do.

You can also find it here.

Where’ere you find it, enjoy.

And appreciate your balance.

My “Marianne” now in Visions anthology

Kaye Lynne Booth gathered some amazing authors for Visions anthology. Reviewers can pick up a copy on Bookfunnel and readers can use this universal book link.

About the Author
Easiest way to do this is to head over to my About page. Alternately…
Joseph Carrabis told stories to anyone who would listen starting in childhood, wrote his first stories in grade school and started getting paid for his writing in 1978. He’s been everything from a long-haul trucker to a Chief Research Scientist and holds patents covering mathematics, anthropology, neuroscience, and linguistics. After patenting a technology which he created in his basement and creating an international company, he retired from corporate life and now he spends his time writing fiction based on his experiences. His work appears regularly in several anthologies and his own published novels. You can learn more about him RIGHT HERE! (exciting, isn’t it?) and find much of his work at

How the story came about? Continue reading “My “Marianne” now in Visions anthology”

Christopher Herron, Publisher/Producer at Tall Tale Narration, LLC, does a dynamite job reading “The Magic Tassels”!

Tall Tales TV‘s Chris Herron again does a truly amazing job narrating The Magic Tassels. Chris previously narrated Winter Winds and did a truly superb reading.

His reading, voice skills, and emotional delivery just blow me away.

Take a listen on any of:


The Coyotes Are Celebrating now on Carmina

Entering Lindisfarne (2016) by Clarabelle Miray Fields

Before anything else, my deep thanks to Ann Christine Tabaka (aka @TabakaChris and Irene Søde Josefson, Ann Christine for helping me with my crafting and Søde for encouraging me to write poetry.

I’ve mentioned several times I don’t consider myself a poet. It is one of the most challenging forms to me, especially when I write something and am told it doesn’t meet any poetry standards.

“Well, I didn’t know such existed. Forgive me for attempting anything new.”

I shared my poetry with Søde and she immediately wanted to know where I’m published.

“Umm…I’m not.”

“Then get published!” she cried, and I was off…

…to Ann Christine with the said The Coyotes Are Celebrating and asking how to make it better.

“It’s pretty good as is. I wouldn’t change much.”

And she didn’t. And it got published. And Hooray!

You can read The Coyotes Are Celebrating in Carmina’s Sept 2022 issue. It also appears early in this blog’s history here.
A always, let me know what you think, and thanks.

“Disconnection from the 5 Love Languages” now on BizCatalyst360

I wrote in Blogging on BizCatalyst360 that Dennis Pitocco and the kind folks at BizCatalyst360 invited me to write the occasional thought-piece for them, that I’m happy to oblige, and that they’ve also given me the go-ahead for an Artists in Discussion videocast (I sent out emails to everyone interested and will follow up some time this week).

Most recently BizCatalyst360 published Disconnection from the 5 Love Languages, a piece about how we build relationships and specifically about making an outsider welcome when they join an existing, established group.

And as before, you can keep up with my BizCatalyst360 posts at Joseph Carrabis on BizCatalyst360.

As always, let us know what you think, and thanks.