Joseph Carrabis – It’s Autobiography…I swear!

Quite the Life (and all in Times New Roman 10pt!)

Regency and SciFi Author Wendy Van CampHello all and welcome to our first February Author Interview Plunge. Today we’ll be talking with…umm…me! I finally get my go at this with Jennifer “The Editress” Day at the helm! Feel free to give me (and Jennifer) a big round of applause for taking part in our exciting adventure.

I’m boring and dull



Joseph’s Bio
Joseph Carrabis, walking contradiction, is a boring dull man who writes fantastic stories. Or, as he says, “Autobiography in the guise of poetry, fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, magic realism, and other associated Dark Arts.” Joseph has worked as a butcher, a tractor-trailer driver, and a Chief Neuroscience Officer. This variety of experience (some more boring and dull than others, I’d wager) brings rich life and emotion to his stories. He started writing at a very young age thanks to his sister.

Joseph lives in Nashua, New Hampshire with his ever loving, ever caring, ever patient wife-partner-princess Susan, his Bassador dog Boo, and his quietly purring cat Ghost. He also regularly converses with many Old Ones including Raccoon, Turkey, Red and Gray Fox, Opossum, Skunk, both Eastern and Northern Woodlands Coyote, Deer, Hawk, Owl, Eagle, Wolf, Toad, Frog and this doesn’t even get into the Standing Ones. He’s quite a conversationalist! And they all tell him things about you!

His fiction in print includes TALES TOLD ‘ROUND CELESTIAL CAMPFIRES (as individual ebooks and as an anthology including the Nebula recommended CYMODOCE and the Pushcart nominee THE WEIGHT). His novel EMPTY SKY has been called “a rollercoaster ride of a read” and “a sleek mystery…one of the best Fantasy/Science Fiction novels of 2016”. And many more stories in progress can be found on his blog.

It’s not so much making a lot of money (but if I do that’s fine), it’s more about people really benefitting from what you are doing

In this interview, we chatted about the power of the people you meet as a writer: constructive and destructive. Don’t be a Lenny! His boring, dull, hallucinatory writing process. And thrilling, logical editing process! Measures of success for writers and authors. (there’s a difference!) Making his readers cry or yell at him. Now, Joseph, that’s not nice!

When I’m writing I am not boring and dull

The Interview

Things Jennifer and Joseph Talked About
About Joseph (& Susan)
Gable Smiled (excerpt)
Rich Marcello
The Augmented Man
Dancers in the Eye of Chronos
Those Wings Which Tire, They Have Upheld Me

I’m a very good growler

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