We Got Kitted!

They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they love to scamper over my toes

I mentioned in The Chuckster that Hecate hadn’t shared her kits with us.

I knew as soon as I wrote that that we’d be seeing kits either that night or next.

Sure enough, about two hours later…

Hecate and this year's kits

What’s amusing is that she sat with her four kits underneath one of our pines, the four kits lined up, waiting for us to notice her, a kind of “You, Two-Legs, here are my children. What do you think?”

As soon as we said hello and told her what beautiful children she had she brought them down for cookies and peanuts. I didn’t grab the camera fast enough so darn, no family portrait as such.

However, we did get

She’s such a good mother, Hecate is.

She hasn’t told us their names yet. Raccoons can be finicky about sharing their childrens’ names. Best to be patient.