Joseph Carrabis signs and discusses The Augmented Man at The Barnes&Noble in Peabody, MA 5 Jan Noon

Come watch me sign books! It’s amazing! I’ll even sign one for you!

The good folks at the Peabody, MA, Barnes&Noble bookstore invited me to do a book signing on Sunday, 5 Jan 2020 starting at noonET.

Please attend. It’ll be fun!

A bit about The Augmented Man
The US Military concedes that any kind of combat leaves soldiers psychologically damaged and makes reintegration to society difficult.

The solution is to find individuals who are already so psychologically damaged the most horrendous combat experience will seem trivial by comparison. Better, find individuals psychologically damaged who’ve also experienced massive physical insult and trauma. Best, individuals psychologically damaged, physically traumatized, and emotionally vacant.

But where to find such individuals?

Captain James Donaldson suggests using massively abused and traumatized children as the basis, arguing “…they’ve already experienced more at home than they’ll ever experience in the field. All we need to is help their bodies catch up to where their psyches and emotions already are.

Nine individuals are selected for Augmentation and entered into combat.

One survives.

And comes home.

Anecdote Deux
At the request of those in attendance at my last booksigning, I read both the Surface section and pages 228-231, from the start of the first Gunship scene to “Better, Ed?” of The Augmented Man as my text.

I should point out that I’m always nervous reading. I truly prefer someone else reading my work. I can hear how it sounds to other people that way.

In any case, I read.

And people froze. I’m not kidding. It was that cold.

Okay, I am kidding. I mean when I stopped reading and looked up, it was deer-caught-in-headlights time. The folks listening stared at me, blinking. A few moments later the comments began; “You pulled me in,” “My god that’s incredible,” “Shit, you can write,” and more.

YES! Thank you, that’s what it’s all about.

To me.

When your audience is so captivated by the work they’re speechless, you’ve done your job as an author.

About me
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