Two and a Half Toms

Ah, Spring is in the air. Courtship has begun.

And as every red-blooded american turkey knows, that means it’s time to strut.

Yeah, ain’t nothing better than a good strut by the ladies, letting ’em know you’re there, you’ve arrived, you’re all that and more, you’re It!

Glorious, in’t it? All that manhood, the sheer volume of masculinity, makes one proud it’s happenin’ in one’s own backyard.

Turkeys aren’t particular where they strut. Down the street, in the office, at the coffee shop, getting groceries, don’t matter.

If they think there’s a womans near by, they gotta strut.

Don’t even matter if she’s available or not ’cause all the womens be available when you got a good strut.

Have at it, gents.

And do notice the women don’t care. Sometimes I wonder if women see men as a necessary evil. As Sandy Olafssen says in Empty Sky, “…someone who won’t open his mouth and won’t get a fixation and will just do his job and get out before morning.”

I suspect ladies are alike everywhere in this, truth be told.

And, as always, enjoy.


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