Given an option to learn or remain ignorant, which do you choose?

I continue having fascinating online interactions. They convince me my wiring differs from most others’.

Case in point, someone contacted me with

I’m reaching out because I just put up my new dystopian science fiction novel as an ARC ebook on book funnel and wanted to reach out to you to see if you’d be willing to read and post a review on Goodreads and bookbub (amazon a little later, official release is 10/7/20). I’ve attached the book cover to hopefully entice your decision. I can send additional information if necessary as well. Also, lmk if you have a new book coming out and I will do the same for you. Thank you, hope all is well on your end. Be safe and be well.

First, kudos for asking before bamming me.

I responded

Could you send me the first chapter and/or a link to your book?
I can’t promise to review it, I will read the first chapter.
PS) I don’t judge books by their covers. I judge covers by the cover, books by what’s inside.

They sent a link to the book’s Amazon page. Only it’s not available yet, so all I got was marketing hype.

I responded

To be honest, based on the blurb I’m not a good candidate to review your book.
I’m happy to take a look at the first chapter if you’re willing to send it as either DOC or PDF.

And got

That’s ok, thank you for your honesty

which is where I scratched my head in confusion.

Someone read my The Augmented Man video series blurb and told me it was poorly written. My immediate response was “Thanks for letting me know. Any suggestions for fixing it?”

Another author sent me a copy of their latest book. It has a great opening and the concept is good. But twenty pages in the story died for me. I wrote back explaining my challenges were structural, not readeral, and even if most readers weren’t bothered, here’s how to avoid similar structural challenges in future books.

They sent me the first few chapters of their next book with a note that there’s still time to make changes before winter 2020 publication.

It’s not that I’m an expert, but I am someone who wants to constantly learn and I learn best from others.

And I have lots of respect for people who have that mindset.

To me, the person mentioned first above who wouldn’t even send me some opening chapters basically gave up, surrendered, didn’t want to be open to learning.

Even if what they learned is I’m an idiot.

And good lesson, that.

I’m curious to know if my wiring is unique or not; Given an option to learn or remain ignorant, which do you choose?

And as always, thanks for listening.