Heathcliff, the Pileated Woodpecker

About fifteen, twenty years ago I told Susan I heard a new bird in our area. I didn’t hear it often, maybe twice in as many months, but its call was so different from what I was familiar with it stood out.

Nobody else heard it.

I attempted an imitation.

Didn’t go over well.

The call grew more frequent. Also more obvious. Others heard it, not as often as I but few spend as much time in the wood as I unless they’re born to it or work it.

Some said it was this bird or that bird. I knew different.

Then one day the call became obvious to all. I did my thing, tuning my ears (like focusing your eyes on something) and sure enough, there was a new bird in our area.

Pileated woodpeckers are an invasive species where I live.

“Invasive species” mean they weren’t here before.

Kind of like Europeans on Turtle Island.

Or man crossing Beringia.

Or hominids out of Africa.

Invasive Species. Kind’a depends on who was there first, doesn’t it?


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