Rainy Day Raccooning

Sometimes you gotta deal with wet.

Not intentional wet, like when you go crayin’ or fishin’, clammin’ or snailin’ down at the crik, here we talkin’ sky-openin’ hell duck-for-cover it’s-a-comin’ rain.

Oh, alright…so it’s not the apocalypse. More like a good, soaking rain needed by farmers, family gardeners, and municipal water supplies alike.

Or raccoons.

We have two buckets in our backyard and wildlife often avails themselves of them. We’ve had deer, coyote, wolf, opossum, lots of birds, and of course, raccoons take a sip.

The raccoons more often take a dunk.

Of cookies.

Obsessive cleaners, they.

You’d think they’d wear masks with all this Covid stuff going around.