Thankful Turkeys Celebrate – Turkey Day of Infamy 2020 (is past)

Much like we did Safe for Another Year and celebrated in the original Thankful Turkeys Celebrate – Turkey Day of Infamy 2018, we celebrate Turkeys living past another Turkey Day of Infamy, this time last year’s 2020 (we wait until the holidays are over and we know they’re safe), and what a year it was, huh?

Talk about a year!

A complete, freakin’ ignorant moron baboon…no, that’s not fair. I’m insulting baboons and have no reason to…is out of office. I still shake my head in disbelief he got in. But then I remember that the United States has a representational government and people vote for candidates they believe most embrace their ideals and who will execute their wishes.

So four years ago US citizens wanted to build a wall separating us from Mexico? Or alienate most of the foreign nations on the planet? Or insult fellow citizens based on ethnicity? Or call dead soldiers losers? Or be repeatedly told lies? Or have the rich shown favoritism?

Sorry, what the f?ck were voters thinking?

Ah, but now, it seems, we’re on a path to recovery.

May it be a long one.

And COVID? Hey, we took care of one catastrophe at least.

I’d like to see a few more Turkey celebrations, wouldn’t you?