Opossums Love OBach

What can be more wonderful than dining out on freshly offered seeds?

Why, dining out on freshly offered seeds while listening to Glenn Gould play OBach, of course.

So says Ogilvie the Opossum

Sometimes I encounter people who say Gould wasn’t that good.

I smile, nod, and walk away.

If I dare, if the individual making such a statement seems willing, I’ll ask what their statement is based on.

Being honest, more often than not their statement is based on hearsay (a third cousin to “heresy” linguistically) or a profound incompetence and ignorance of music.

Okay, sometimes it’s not so profound.

It’s still incompetence and ignorance.

Fortunately, such does not deter Ogilvie, who is a wise, if somewhat aged, Opossum.