Three Robust Lads

There’s nothing quite like a boy’s night out, eh?

Males in the audience, remember those wonderful bonding times? The fun you had?

Neither do I.

My experiences of western society’s male bonding rituals are probably what led me into cultural anthropology with a vengeance.

Every culture I studied had male rituals. Often they were initiation rituals. There were bonding rituals, yes, and they were vastly different than their western cultural counterparts.

For one, nobody got hurt. There was never a one-ups-manship. Male bondings were more educational than hierarchical.

That last part – hierarchical – have to be careful with that. Put any group of people together and a hierarchy forms. One person alone will form an internal hierarchy, a bifurcation (if not more) of their personality. You’ve probably done the same thing without knowing it.

Ever had an argument with yourself?

Welcome to being human.