Sydney, Maeve, Blanche, and End-of-Day Cappuccinos

Everybody has an end of day ceremony.

Or should.

Ours is cappuccinos with a little something sweet (besides kisses and cuddles).

We also play a two-handed solitaire called “Russian Bank.”

No idea why it’s called “Russian Bank,” only that such is the name we were told and we’ve used ever since.

We play a unique form.

We work to help the other person win.

That way, regardless of the final outcome, we’re both winners, nobody loses.

At the same time, we improve each other’s game, each other’s skill level, by helping them see moves they missed.

Funny how cooperation achieves goals competition can’t even recognize.

Cooperation creates community. It must because cooperation requires more than a single player and requires all players benefit from the result.

It even allows disagreement. But not stasis. Whoever’s turn it is makes the final decision.

If the decision is faulty? Excellent. Something to learn from.

And if it’s not? Excellent! What we learned worked.