Hecate’s Kits

Hyacinth brought her previous year’s kits out in March (we posted in July). Hecate brought out this year’s kits in July (yes, we’re posting it in December. They don’t seem to mind).

The timing of births is a concern. Usually our raccoons child earlier. This year everything is delayed a bit. Some things – migrations, buddings, leafings, awakenings – are off two weeks, others more. All are weather related.

Or more correctly, weather-change related.

Global warming, you know.

Whatever you make think of the Republicans, they are masters of phrasing. Global Warming became Global Climate Change during Bush II’s administration because Global warming was a recognizable threat and required action.

But Global Climate Change? Heck, the weather’s always changing! No need to worry, no need to act.

Of course, now the warming/climate change has become severe enough it’s causing economic impact; insurance companies have to pay more and more claims due to weather related issues.

And they’re not the only ones.

Pretty soon us common folk will feel it in our own pockets on a monthly, weekly, and eventually daily basis. You thought not being able to get bottled water during Covid was a proble? Just wait.

The Wild is already feeling the weather’s change.

And preparing.

Wish Two-Leggers were as smart.


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