August Kits and Worries

I’m posting this in January 2020 and the video is from August 2021.

There is hope and worry in this video.

The worry is because we had not seen kits in a long time, nor any raccoons, in an unseasonally long time.

Fortunately, and as posted last week regarding Lucinda, they made their return (albeit slowly).

And here, once again, The Wild continues onward, another healthy retinue of kits.

Hence the hope.

As noted in the video, if I’d been quicker with the camera you could have seen a Herne’s worth of Old Ones moving through.

Herne being The Horned One and, if you follow the folklore to its earliest sources, a Guardian of The Wild.

I want to warn those involved in the construction, tell them Herne is watching in all of his many guises.

And that, unlike Two-Leggers, Herne and The Wild are patient.