The Hawk

Behold a young hawk, as yet unnamed (still learning Hawkish. I can do it, it just sounds like a human making fun of a hawk and, as I don’t wish to insult, I practice until I’m more eloquent).

This hawk is more or less resting. Taking in the view. Perhaps checking things out for a return.

Funny thing about The Wild, prey know when a nearby predator is on the hunt versus just stopping by for a look-see.

For one, the prey scatter. Those who do stick around are quick to take cover.

Otherwise, nothing. It reminds me of a Warner Brothers’ cartoon about coyotes and sheepdogs. The cartoon starts with the two of them talking cordially, each walking on their hind legs towards a tree. There’s a timeclock on the tree. On top of the timeclock is steam whistle.

Both coyote and sheepdog punch in. They continue to chat about what’s going on back at their den and doghouse, respectively.

The whistle on top of the timeclock goes off. The coyote runs to grab a sheep. The sheepdog intercepts him, stops him, and trounces him.

The coyote gets up, devises a plan to get a sheep.

The sheepdog thwarts his plan.

This continue until the afternoon when the whistle blows again. They both walk up to the timeclock, punch out, and wish each other a pleasant, quiet, and restful evening, ending with “See you tomorrow” and “Yep, see you tomorrow.”

Watch the next time you’re in The Wild.

Meanwhile, I gotta get me one of the timeclocks.