Colder and Colder Nights

Recorded in early November 2021, our raccoons prepare for winter.

I wanted to write something witty and frivolous at this point.

Wasn’t happening.

As I type this, it is late May 2022 and so much of our environment has changed. Not just locally but in the world.

I watched Ricky Gervais‘ Supernature and Humanity Netflix shows last night. I admire him immensely, perhaps more so when I don’t find him funny. Sometimes he skates a thin edge (to me). I appreciate his humor and recognize (as he admits) there’s a difference between the subject and the target, the content and the context of his jokes.

I also recognize sometimes it’s difficult to see the two as separate, unique, and distinct.

Gervais is an active supporter of many things I support.

I wonder what he’d have to say about my work with raccoons and various other Old Ones.