Concern for Hecate

Sometimes The Wild isn’t kind.

It’s not so much a matter of kindness as it is…well, it is what it is.

We’ve known Hecate for quite a while in raccoon years. This Hecate, anyway. There have been others, long gone and passed into memory.

“Hecate” seems to be a favored name among them. Perhaps a family name.

We think “family” because raccoons share traits through generations. Some like to sit on their butt, some like to dunk their food, some like to hold a conversation, some like to nibble toes, …

Okay, that last part, the toe nibbling, usually only when they’re kits.

This time Hecate returned to us with a significant chunk of fur missing from her back. The missing piece had a distinct “V” shape.

I can’t imagine what caused it. An animal bite wouldn’t leave such a mark, and my mind goes to something man-made.

Only humans could be so cruel to The Wild.

After all, have you noticed how cruel we are to ourselves and each other?


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