Jodi Rizzotto’s “Angry Man” now in Rabbit Hole V anthology

I’m lucky enough to have my work included in The Rabbit Hole Volume 5: Just…Plain…Weird anthology along with quite a group of talented authors. I especially love the teaser

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole. On our fifth excursion into the warren of the odd, 37 authors lead us down their own little burrows of strangeness : an army of penguins, music that cures, aliens that communicate through old cartoons, images of the future that save, unwanted visions of the now, and, oh yes, it is raining lawyers. All have one thing in common, they are just…plain…weird.
Weird can be funny, weird can be sad, weird can be thoughtful, weird can be mad, but the one thing in common is that weird shares experiences you have, thankfully, never had.
Just be careful, all little bunnies are not nice, but they are memorable.

About the Author
Jodi is a retired teacher living in Southern California with her husband and two dogs, Harley and Davidson. Although she prefers writing fantasy, some of her nonfiction Harley adventures have also appeared in anthologies. Her short story, “Sea Cave,” was included in the anthology Magic Portals. “Skulls on the Shelf” will be published in the anthology Never Cheat a Witch in October, 2022. You can connect with her at or Twitter.

How the stories came about?
“Angry Man” was inspired by a fellow teacher who was angry about a breakup. His anger grew more every day until one day he asked me, “Would you visit me in prison?”
His question stuck in my mind as I watched his anger take over his life. I wondered what would happen if anger could really eat you up?
Of course, for my story, I changed the names and job, hoping that my former coworker would not recognize himself and subject me to his anger.

“Will you come and visit me in prison?” my co-worker [TW1] whispered over the cubicle wall.
At first I didn’t know what to say. Perhaps this was a test, an initiation into deeper levels of friendship.
Filled with dread, I stood and peered over the grey divider. A tiny baby-sized figure sat typing at Mike’s computer. Last week, I would have gasped in horror. Now I was resigned to accept what my eyes reported, so I shook my head and replied, “Of course I will.”


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