He Likes Peanuts?

And now of much higher quality than I’m an object of curiosity (because my hands aren’t in the way), we see this strapping fellow in full.

I admit none of us would have known his presence were it not for the other wildlife taking to the trees and uttering epithets of such vehemence!

After all, this is the dinner hour to many of The Wild in our yard.

Which reminds me of a great standup routine by Sebastian Maniscalco about how telephone usage has changed over time.

It use to be that a ringing phone meant everybody pay attention, this could be important. Dinner? Ha! If somebody’s calling when they know we’ll be eating, you know it’s gotta be important because nobody in their right mind would destroy the sanctity of the family meal.

(and note Congress had to pass a law that phone solicitors couldn’t call during the “dinner hour”)

But now? Let it ring. They’ll call back or voicemail will get it. Who cares, we can’t be bothered.

I think the reverse is true with young people. They seem to crave something anything interrupting having to interact with their parents.

Which goes back to learning from one’s teachers, as mentioned last week…