“Living with Intention (Intention: Part 1)” now on BizCatalyst360

Sometimes things get away from me.

Case in point, the kind folks at BizCatalyst360 published my Intention, Part 1 back in late Feb ’23 and I forgot to mention it here.

I’d offer “I’ve been busy” and while true it’s…well, not exactly an excuse, more a demonstration of prioritizing – which I suggest people do in order to maintain clear thinking if not their sanity.

Sometimes I have so many priority lists on my desk I have to prioritize my priority lists.

Oh, but the sense of satisfaction when I do so and tasks begin falling away, a bright shiny check right beside them.

So I ask your indulgence.

Give me a moment to check this box.

And please take a look at Intention, Part 1 on BizCatalyst360.

And thanks.