My first completely new novel in seven years, The Inheritors, is due out 30 Jun ’23 – Care to review it?

  1. My first completely new novel in seven years, the myth-metaphysical-coming of age-urban science fantasy (like many of my books, it falls into several categories. apologies if that doesn’t suit you) The Inheritors , is currently available for preorder on Amazon (and it would be kittens nice if you preordered it! it would make all the words in the book so happy!).
  2. The Inheritors will be available and on promo starting 30 June 2023 (99¢ Kindle, $11.99 Print) until 15 July 2023.
  3. Would you like a free The Inheritors PDF or ePub ARC in exchange for a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or BookBub? You would? Then comment you would on this post or reach out via

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The rest of this email contains The Inheritors early reader comments (which will probably end up as front matter in the book along with yours, if you get them to me before 28 June 2023).

The Inheritors coverEarly Reader Comments
Joseph Carrabis’s Inheritors is a wild, time-traveling, mind-bending story… A staggering amount of world-building is layered in every chapter, making you hungry for more. Physics, mysticism, biological science, and theology are woven into dark, thought-provoking settings that are altogether different but connected and reward the reader the deeper they look. Yet, a suitable setting would be nothing without interesting characters, which this book has plenty of. A shape-shifting monster driven by primal desires brushes shoulders with intelligent design, becoming an incarnation of vengeance. A child with a strange gift is abducted from home and must learn to co-exist with beings far different from himself. A boy exposed to dark magic and demonic rituals must tread carefully or become the thing he dreads. All these elements combine into a thrilling tale that concludes with a bang and gets richer with every telling. Yes, this one is a must-read but get ready, because you’re going to want to read again and again.

It is rare to find someone who writes the way Joseph Carrabis does—with the gift of a true storyteller, weaving stories that enrapture readers from the first word to the very last. As they travel through the The Inheritors’ pages, readers will encounter so much more than just the story of a little boy named Tommy. Guided by Carrabis’ carefully-metered and eloquent prose, readers will find themselves on a journey they could have never before imagined possible, challenged to rethink everything they thought they knew about history, time, space, and the nature of life itself. Reminiscent of the works of Pynchon, Clarke, and Vonnegut, The Inheritors is as intricately complex as it is emotionally resonant and will no doubt draw readers back again and again for subsequent rereads. A magnum opus of modern day storytelling, The Inheritors is evidence of Carrabis’ consummate skill as a writer.