Being Dissed by an Unnamed Bear

We experienced an abundance of Bear a while back.

I offer “abundance” and recognize we see them as singlets.

Bears rarely meet and mingle except for purposes of procreation.

(ever wonder about procreation, recreation, and what they share aside from a root. The former is forward – pro – the latter is static – re. We recreate ourselves, our brands, our leaders, and…yeah, okay, I suppose sometimes we design them either by chance or by choice (that’s “pro” again).

Bears, when they’ve completed their forwarding tasks, go off by themselves. You’ll often see a sow with her cubs – and don’t get between them – and even then, she’ll send males cubs off on their own at the end of their first year, definitely by the end of their second.

Some tell me Two-Legs are the only ones who’ve made a game out of procreation and such statements, to me, show great ignorance of…something. Language or biology, I’m not sure which and probably both.

Enjoying sex is fine. Enjoying sex with the purpose of procreation is also wonderful.

But most people I know who play at sex do so taking precautions to insure no offspring result.

Indeed and with the exception of certain audience segments, resulting offspring usually results in a decrease in play sex.

And meanwhile, this unnamed fellow enjoys our feeders.