Capturing the Moment

And not only am I patient, I’m also persistent.

I think that’s the term.

I’m sure I’ve shared this one before.
Way back in my first time not completing college, one of my dorm mates told me, “You’re steadfast, and that’s a trait of the Lord.”

He was a Bible major hence could say things like that.

He also had a beautifully thick goatee, was thin, and had angular features. Think a young Abraham Lincoln and you’ve got it.

If Abe ever wore glasses.

Anyway, I responded, “I’m steadfast, you’re stubborn, and he’s too stupid to know any better.”

Long before such concepts existed in the literature, I owned the concept of social distance, ie, first, second, and third person placement in a social sphere. Another example of this concept is “My child’s a genius, your child’s precocious, their child’s obnoxious.”

The moral is “the further away something is from you, the more extreme its measurement on any scale.”

“We survived one hell of a storm” versus “They were lucky they got out alive” is another example sans the second person attribute.

And be that as it may, I’m possibly steadfast. I’ll agree with persistent. Both go into my habit of not giving up on things.