My newest novel, “Search”, is available in Print and Kindle

My newest novel, “Search”, is available in Print and Kindle

  • First, my newest novel, Search, is available on Kindle and in print.
  • Second, from 8 Jan to 31 Jan 2024 Search will be on promo (99¢ Kindle, $12.99 Print). Be sure to get a copy for yourself, several copies to give as gifts over the coming year, and tell everyone you know it’s available and it’s a great read!

The rest of this email contains Search early reader comments (which are front matter in the book) and a blurb.

Early Reader Comments
“Carrabis knocks another one right out of the park!”

“Once again Carrabis takes us on a wild ride wondering how he’ll bring it all together. Never fear, he does and in grand style.”

“Gio’s soliloquy about the use of power is something every industrialist, every government official, every religious leader needs to read.”

“Carrabis pens a gritty paranormal psychological thriller that keeps you in your seat until you’ve turned the last page.”

“Go ahead, pick a genre. Carrabis covers them all: paranormal, fantasy, thriller, true crime, magic realism, … If you know the world is more than you can see, you’ll love this one.”

“Characters intertwine and grow in unexpected ways, especially ways that show a balance in all things; Great Gifts often bring Great Loss. It hurts you as a reader to see it happen on the page. That’s good storytelling.”

“Much like in his The InheritorsCarrabis poses great philosophical questions in the guise of understandable, believable characters. Amazing!”

“Carrabis’ Search proves that power need not corrupt, and absolute power need not corrupt absolutely.”

Search details one of the most tumultuous period’s in The Shaman‘s Gio “John Chance” Fortuna’s life. In college and having spent most of his life avoiding his grandfather’s trainings, he finds himself called to remember and practice his grandfather’s ancient ways to save children from human monsters.

But every step into The Old Ways drives a wedge between Gio and Jess, the woman he loves and wants to spend his life with. Originally relishing the idea of her own personal Superman, she grows increasingly fearful each time Gio manifests an ability beyond her comprehension.

And when both he and Jess realize he can use his grandfather’s teachings to force Jess’ to spend her life with him without her knowing he’s done so? Even though doing so violates everything he’s ever been taught?

Gio realizes being able to do anything doesn’t mean he can do everything, and that the strongest bonds on us are those we place on ourselves.

Content Advisory: Search contains graphic scenes of sex and violence.