Sniffing Out Fibonacci

Yes, everyone’s waking up from their winter slumbers. Including Fibonacci, our most recent skunkly visitor. Our association with Skunk started with Ferdinand and Larry. Recently our neighborhood has experienced a plethora of skunk. They let us know they’re about. Unfortunately, it’s often after the fact. Many of us have learned to be wary, to open … Continue reading “Sniffing Out Fibonacci”

Cautious Dining

A new guest arrived at Chez Carrabis a while back, an at-the-time unnamed skunk. We’ve had skunk before. And truth be told, they are a fun lot. Some say skunk are quick-tempered. Not so those who dine with us. Although we, like Raccoon, start cautiously. No need to be foolhardy. Mostly our visiting skunk stay … Continue reading “Cautious Dining”

An Anonymous Young Lad

It’s been a while since Skunk visited us. The last confirmed visit was Clarence of Be Cool, Clarence fame. Prior to Clarence’s nocturnal joy-bringing…or wafting…depends on direction, I suppose…our last visits were from Larry (seen dining with Boris below)   and prior to that, Ferdinand (seen dining with Gracie below)   The images above are … Continue reading “An Anonymous Young Lad”

Be Cool, Clarence

Our visitors from The Wild are varied. We get all manner of life. Bear to deer to fox, wolf, coyote, turkey, hawk, hummingbird, hummingbird moth. We haven’t had skunk in a while. Not an issue. Years ago Larry, a young juvenile who hadn’t mastered scent control yet, and Ferdinand, a grand old gent with a … Continue reading “Be Cool, Clarence”