Be Cool, Clarence

Our visitors from The Wild are varied.

We get all manner of life. Bear to deer to fox, wolf, coyote, turkey, hawk, hummingbird, hummingbird moth.

We haven’t had skunk in a while.

Not an issue.

Years ago Larry, a young juvenile who hadn’t mastered scent control yet, and Ferdinand, a grand old gent with a white band broad enough to land a cesna on.

They passed, as does everything, even Mountain and Ocean, Star and Universe itself, given enough time.

One wonders, considering things as a kind of hierarchy, who lasts longer than time. Or who created time.

Some philosophers – even some cosmologists – consider Time to be a human invention.


I’ve met Time, had many enjoyable conversations with it. I tell it what philosophers and cosmologists say and it laughs.

Ever felt a ripple in time?

That’s Time laughing.



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