The Gathering Hordes (of Raccoons)

Humans are in a pandemic as I write this. Covid-19. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Yet the Old Ones still gather daily and nightly in our yard. I’ve often fretted about making offerings to The Old Ones. I make sure I offer enough to supplement, not enough to fulfill. I want them to find food … Continue reading “The Gathering Hordes (of Raccoons)”

Two Families Dine Together

Raccoons can be territorial. Especially around kits and food. We have lots of raccoons and lots of kits. We promote peaceful dining by putting out enough food for everyone. The challenge to this rationale is simple; the more food, the more raccoons. The more raccoons, the more food. Can you say “cycle”? We’ve had as … Continue reading “Two Families Dine Together”

This week’s installment of “Backyard with the Carrabises”

Coyote are clever. Not to put down other Old Ones. The Wild doesn’t tolerate poor design. You think humans are grand engineers? Everything not manmade on this planet has gone through enumerable iterations, each one a minor improvement over the last. Then how come things are going extinct, you ask? Because humans are stupid. We … Continue reading “This week’s installment of “Backyard with the Carrabises””

This Is How It’s Suppose to Be

I wrote Can’t We All Just Get Along? last week, and what a difference a day or two makes. Hester is accepted by Hyancinthe and her kits. Took no time at all. Did take a little prodding. And now all is good. The original Outer Limits‘s 1st season, 3rd episode was The Architects of Fear. … Continue reading “This Is How It’s Suppose to Be”