Reasonably Cautious Raccoons

I mentioned last week the joy of dining with friends. This week we continue that theme with a note of caution. Behold some reasonably cautious raccoons. Reasonably cautious because in addition to Opossum, Skunk, Owls, and assorted other fine citizens, we have a family of Coyote who visit. We don’t mind them. They’re quite beautiful … Continue reading “Reasonably Cautious Raccoons”

After much waiting (Raccoons)

I often mention our concern when the wildlife traffic diminishes in our yard. Such diminishing follows seasonal patterns, we know. Compound seasonal patterns with construction and global warming, and we may not see our friends until far into seasons. This concerns us. Last week I mentioned our concern for the turkeys last week. This week … Continue reading “After much waiting (Raccoons)”

More Feasting Raccoons and Samuel Still Offscreen

Picking up where we left off last week… Kind of sounds like the lead in to one of those old movie serials, doesn’t it? “In our previous episode, our hero stood on the brink of the abyss and realized looking into an abyss was much pleasanter than looking into an abscess.” Anyway… The raccoons continue … Continue reading “More Feasting Raccoons and Samuel Still Offscreen”

Feasting Raccoons and an Offscreen Samuel

Things return to (what is for us) normal. We’re so glad for that. The raccoons are making their return, coyote (in this case, Samuel), is patiently waiting in the wings. Actually he’s not waiting patiently and it’s obvious he’d appreciate my going back inside. Which means I’ll stay out to make sure the raccoons have … Continue reading “Feasting Raccoons and an Offscreen Samuel”

They ain’t tiny little raccoons no more

Children grow. It is the nature of things. Wonderful cliche, that, don’t you think? It is the nature of things? Alternately fatalistic and dismissive. An admixture of “that’s the way it happens” and “big deal.” I don’t accept fatalism or dismissiveness. I know they exist. I know other people have them as part of their … Continue reading “They ain’t tiny little raccoons no more”