Spring Kits

We’re happy to report Hyacinth and her kits made it through another winter. They woke pretty much on schedule and came for their…umm…dinner? A bit late for breakfast or lunch. Unless they’re working 3rd shift. Which is possible. Raccoons are usually nocturnal. At least around here. Except when they’re preggers and/or nursing. Either one, they … Continue reading “Spring Kits”

Kits Over Jennifer

No, that’s not some bizarre, exotic dish. I touch base with Jennifer The Editress about once a week. Often we go over works-in-progress, sometimes we discuss books we think the other would enjoy, usually we catch up and detox (we touch base on Friday afternoons). This time out, Jennifer The Editress and I were deep … Continue reading “Kits Over Jennifer”

This Year’s Kits (okay, Kit. Singular)

As happens, things continue. Case in point, the next generation of raccoons. Here we see one kit, sometimes referred to as a raccoonlit, and briefly. Future videos reveal Hyacinthe’s proclivity. But for now, a bold one. Who quickly shies away. I remember Rocky telling her kits, “It’s a Two-Legger. He’s okay, but don’t let him … Continue reading “This Year’s Kits (okay, Kit. Singular)”