Another Frolly of Kits

Ah, the young ones. Still too new to be given names. A young boy once asked me how I knew the names of the different wildlife in our yard. “How did I learn your name?” “I told you.” “And so do they.” “The animals tell you their names?” “Yes, and then I have to translate … Continue reading “Another Frolly of Kits”

New Year’s Eve Kits

How do you celebrate the judeo-christian, western mindset New Year? I’m sorry. Did my prejudices show there? There are so many new years. Christian/western, Hebrew, Chinese, Souix, Mayan, Tcetzwtl, Celtic, calendrical, meteorologic, astronomic, … Take your pick, really. Us, we tend to celebrate the “natural” ones. What are the “natural” ones, you ask? And when … Continue reading “New Year’s Eve Kits”

August Kits and Worries

I’m posting this in January 2020 and the video is from August 2021. There is hope and worry in this video. The worry is because we had not seen kits in a long time, nor any raccoons, in an unseasonally long time. Fortunately, and as posted last week regarding Lucinda, they made their return (albeit … Continue reading “August Kits and Worries”

Hecate’s Kits

Hyacinth brought her previous year’s kits out in March (we posted in July). Hecate brought out this year’s kits in July (yes, we’re posting it in December. They don’t seem to mind). The timing of births is a concern. Usually our raccoons child earlier. This year everything is delayed a bit. Some things – migrations, … Continue reading “Hecate’s Kits”