New Year’s Eve Kits

How do you celebrate the judeo-christian, western mindset New Year?

I’m sorry.

Did my prejudices show there?

There are so many new years. Christian/western, Hebrew, Chinese, Souix, Mayan, Tcetzwtl, Celtic, calendrical, meteorologic, astronomic, …

Take your pick, really.

Us, we tend to celebrate the “natural” ones.

What are the “natural” ones, you ask?

And when are they? And what do we do?

Full of questions today, aren’t we?

Consider that any and all “new year” is a point-of-view determination and you have it. The determinants are sociological, then psychological, and finally, most deeply, neurological.

What we celebrate and when is based largely on our culture and language. I mean, you’ve never seen a native Norwegian celebrating Día de Muertos, right?

And why did I select that holiday above all others as my example?

Because it correlates roughly to the christian All Hallow’s Eve also known as Halloween, and which itself was taken from the Celtic New Year celebration where one empties the streets and stays inside so all who died the previous year may travel unhindered to their eternal rest.

Hence be wary of who you open the door to when they come a’knockin’.

Once past culture and language, individual choice – psychological – comes into play, as in a native Norwegian may simply like Día de Muertos and chooses to celebrate it.

Good for them and all involved, right?

The last is neurological and is deep in our genes. Our bodies bear the tides of our evolutionary journey as do the bodies of all other things on the planet.

We are tied to the flux and flow of both nature and Nature in ways you (don’t want to) comprehend.

So celebrate when you will and how you feel best doing so.

And pay attention to how the oceans of blood and memory move in you, take a moment to appreciate which celestial shore they wash against, and celebrate your origin.

Mother is watching.