Sid Just Hanging Out

Nothing quite like a relaxing raccoon.

My better spirits kept me from suggesting a lazy raccoon.

Some in The Wild move slower than others, some faster than others, and all move to the music Nature plays for them, to the ways and on the paths The Old Ones set down before Two-Legs gained our name.

And still…it’s nice to relax on a warm June day, don’t you think?


You Take the Low Road and I’ll Take the High Road

Having created a way of keeping both Raccoons and Coyote happy, we still have a few raccoon not quite appreciating our handiwork.

This video was taken shortly after we invoked our solution and, as you can see, some refuse to benefit from our…generosity? beneficence? skewed Two-Legger attempts at…whatever we were attempting.

And it’s nice to know some get the message.

Future posts reveal more than one gets the message.

Must be a telegraph of The Wild


“Nothing Ever Dies of Old Age in The Wild” now on BizCatalyst360

The kind folks at BizCatalyst360 just published my Nothing Ever Dies of Old Age in The Wild, about recognizing and understanding how The Wild sees to itself and thereby sees to us.

Regular readers know my experiences of The Wild are documented under WildLife on this site’s menu.


And Deer are such dears, as well

All of The Wild are precious to us.

Some are more deer than others.

Clever way I did that. Did you notice?

Either a pun or a misspelling, depending how gracious you are to me.

Or how much of a yutz you think I am.

We’ve been graced by Deer as of late.

And it’s always joyous when they join us.