Susan’s Birds

My beloved Susan (wife/partner/Princess) loves birds.

Doesn’t matter the kind, size, shape, or call. All birds are her friends.

It’s something that’s been in her life as long as she remembers.

When we first courted, I visited her when she worked with horses (she’s quite the equestrian). I mention to her that the horses she worked with didn’t know her as “Susan” and instead recognized her as “Feather.”

I thought because she rode such a light saddle, hence “light as a feather” and quickly realized that’s a Two-Legger concept, not equine, so I did what any red-blooded American male raised in the latter half of the 20th century in a land of great promise and wealth and technological mastery of the universe would do…

I asked the horses.

“She is the same as they,” the horses explained, and by “they” their thoughts referenced birds.

So my wife, my Beloved, is Feather to those who carry her through woods and down country paths.


ps) she takes pictures, not videos)