Euste the Fox

Euste and Vasch are planning, something Two-Legs do not. Or little.

Happy Holidays again, All.

I mentioned in Ophelia the Opossum that we’ve had many visitations and blessings here over the past few days. A few nights back we were graced by Horace, a healthy adult male black bear, standing some 5’6″-6′ and probably 250-300#. I didn’t notice him at first. There seemed to be a great shadow in the yard. Susan (wife/partner/Princess) said, “I think there’s a bear in our yard,” and sure enough, when we looked, he stared back at us, smiled and waved.

Sorry, no pictures yet. And now, with the snow, perhaps not for a while.

A few days later we were visited by Sitrix (took me four times to understand what he was saying. I can imagine he was overwhelmed by my ignorance), a wonderfully healthy young male wolf. My camera was handy but alas, Sitrix was not. Perhaps later.

But I did manage to get in a brief conversation with Euste, Vasch‘s mate. Euste is a beautiful, healthy female gray fox. I asked if she and Vasch had kits and she said not yet but they were planning.

I was dumbfounded (easy for me). “Planned Parenthood in The Wild?” I asked.

Euste harrumphed. “You idiotically breeding Two-Legs. We Old Ones are wiser in our childrening than you.”

I couldn’t argue. Would you?